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Enterprise Library 2.0 - Hello IConfigurationSource

Un articolo interessante su EntLib 2.0 e la parte per la gestione delle configurazioni

Enterprise Library 2.0 should be released sometime this month.  The latest version, the Enterprise Library 2.0 December Interim Community Drop, is quite stable and reliable enough to start playing with now.  I doubt there will be many, if any, changes between now and when it gets released this month.

The Configuration Application Block in Enterprise Library 1.0 has been replaced with an IConfigurationSource interface and two concrete classes that implement the interface, SystemConfigurationSource and FileConfigurationSource.  There is also a SqlConfigurationSource provided in one of the QuickStarts to show you how to build your own concrete implementation of IConfigurationSource, but it is not included in the core architecture.


The new IConfigurationSource, SystemConfigurationSource, and FileConfigurationSource used in Enterprise Library 2.0 is a breath of fresh air over the old Configuration Application Block in Enterprise Library 1.0.

Fonte: Enterprise Library 2.0 - Hello IConfigurationSource

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La sto aspettando con ansia.
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