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Prime cose che ho notato sull'UAB 2.0...

  1. C'è un installer... e questo è già buono...
  2. L'installer informa delle dipendenze da Enterprise Library e da il link per scaricarla... bene
  3. Viene creata una voce nello start menu... bene
  4. Ci sono delle release notes da leggere... bene, ma visto che molti lo scorderanno... le riporto qui:

1. Updater Application Block

1.1 Exceeding Maximum Path Length

The Updater Application Block creates a folder hierarchy and files during the download and activation processes. This hierarchy includes folders named using GUIDs, representing application and manifest identifiers. The files created by the Updater Application Block in this hierarchy are subject to the Windows maximum path length of 260 characters. This means that if your application is located at deeply nested path you can encounter an exception when the Updater Application Block attempts to create files in the folder hierarchy. To avoid this issue, you can install your application at a location closer to the root directory. Alternatively you can set the BasePath configuration property for the Updater Application Block. The value entered for the BasePath property is used as the root folder for the folder hierarchy created by the Updater Application Block. If you do not enter a value for this property, the hierarchy is created using the application folder as the root folder. You set the BasePath property by using the Enterprise Library Configuration Console.

2. Updater Manifest Tool

2.1 Maintaining the Source Folder Property

The Application Properties tab of the Updater Manifest Tool contains field labeled Source Folder. You set the value of this field to establish the root folder for the application files you want to add to the manifest. This location is also used when creating a hash value for the files or changing hash providers. The value of the Source Folder property is not saved in the manifest. The manifest contains only the relative path from the Source Folder value to each application file. When opening a saved manifest file, the Manifest Tool may show you a dialog to locate the folder which contains the files specified in the manifest. The folder you select in this dialog will set the new value for the Source Folder property. Failing to specify this value, will open a blank manifest.

  1. Le sample sono disponibili sia in VB.NET, sia in C#... (nell'alpha erano solo in C#...)
  2. Il codice dell'application block è disponibile sia in VB.NET, sia in C#... (idem come sopra)
  3. La documentazione è disponibile in formato Help di Windows... ... male... prima era un bel documento Word... avrei preferito averla in entrambi i formati...

Bene... ora mi tocca implementarla al posto della alpha e vedere che succede!!!

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