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Migrare da CMAB a Enterprise Library...

Visto che ho una giornata pacco, ho pensato di migrare dal CMAB ad Enterprise Library una mia applicazione...

Ecco le prime cose da cambiare:

There are significant differences between the Enterprise Library Configuration Application Block version 1.0 and earlier configuration application blocks:

  • This version of the application block includes support for storing configuration data in XML files. If you have used other types of data stores, such as the Windows registry or a SQL database, you can either create a custom storage provider and transformer, or you can convert your data to XML.
  • There is no longer support for using name/value pairs to represent configuration data or for hashtable serialization. To read configuration data into your application or to write it to a configuration file, you declare a class that will contain the data. This class should be able to use the output of the transformer.

Ok... per la prima cosa no problem... per la seconda... che stress...

Era così comoda... e vabbò... vai a riscrivere...

Mi chiedo... ma se poi aggiorno l'applicazione, i file di configurazione me li leggerà... o devo fare come Andrea in IMHO?


Intanto io commento le cose e non le cancello...

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