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Usate ancora "int 3"?!?!? Ormai ha fatto il suo tempo... :-)

Soprattutto se volete portare il vostro codice su x64...

Visto che nel codice a 64bit non avete l'inline assembly, dovete usare "__debugbreak()":

This is a Visual C++ compiler intrinsic (defined in Visual C++ 2005 under vc\include\intrin.h, with tons of other cool intrinsics) that will effectively act "int 3" across all platforms. 

DebugBreak, the Win32 function call is still around, but in general using __debugbreak() is my preference, if for no other reason than it's not a function call (it's a compiler intrinsic), and you don't need debug symbols to get a readable call stack.

Fonte: No more "int 3"

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