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Mi chiedo se in Europa non hanno altro da fare?

Fossero questi i problemi... ma forse a Bruxelles cercano solo scuse per farsi pagare quegli stipendi da... non fatemi parlare.

I don't know why but I thought we were wrapping up all the European Union (EU) disputes, but now they are opening new inquiries.  According to today's New York Times, the current complaints are focused on interoperability issues ... The NYT doesn't mention .NET but the Financial Times does saying the inquiry states "Microsoft is using its ".Net" technology - under development since the start of this decade - to create the tight linkages in the software used to write applications that run over the Internet".  It is hard to know what exactly we are doing wrong here, but as you can imagine a number of competitors are the ones pushing the inquiries, claiming again they have been edged out.  Sigh ... 

Fonte: Now the EU is after .NET ... what's next?

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