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Tracciare gli spostamenti con GPS tascabile e Google Earth...


A company called Telespial Systems makes a product called the Super Trackstick, which makes tracking your trips and entering them into Google Earth super easy. A combination 4 MB flash storage drive and low-power (runs on two AA batteries for a month) GPS receiver fits into a compact holder, which has magnets on it. Just stick the unit on your car, motorcycle or RV, push the button, and off you go. When you get home, just plug the unit into your PC, then suck the data out using Google Earth. It records altitude and even temperature! Then you can take advantage of all that Google Earth 3D goodness. Sadly, it's also ideal for stalking people. Here comes the VIDEO! (Super Trackstick is now available here.)

Fonte: Gadget Makes Trip Tracking Truly Trivial

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# Re: Tracciare gli spostamenti con GPS tascabile e Google Earth...

uhm, davvero interessante...
10/09/2007 13:08 | Igor Damiani
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