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In arrivo il provider MSSCCI per TFS versione 1.1

Bene, sono contento che anche se è un tool non supportato ufficialmente ci sia del lavoro per continuare ad aggiornarlo...

In just a few days we will release new drop of TFS Msscci Provider (keep the fingers crossed). We added support for two new IDEs and a few cool features. Here are the details:

  • Support for Enterprise Architect 6.1 and PowerBuilder 10.5
  • Fixed order of parameters passed into external diff tool (it's the same as in Whidbey now)
  • Work items can be reviewed and edited from inside the Checkin Dialog
  • Setup is working in x64 architecture
  • Checkin locks are treated as exclusive
  • Enhanced "Open from SCC"/"Add to SCC" process - both local and server path are specified in the single dialog. Also if the local path is already mapped, the process is done automatically.

And last, but not least - "Get latest" on Checkout 😊 It's disabled by default, but you can turn it on in global options.

Fonte: Msscci 1.1 is coming!!

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