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[INETA] Statistiche per il mese di Maggio 2006

Eccole qui... UGI sempre in testa, in totale 250 user group per 80.000 sviluppatori!

Here are again some numbers (May 2006) for INETA Europe: 250 User Groups with 80.000 Developers in 33 Countries - 48 User Groups in Germany, 30 User Groups in Russia, 25 User Groups in the UK and 24 in Poland... 20.000 Developers and a biggest User Group in Italy (again UGiDotNet) and 15.000 Developers and a second largest User Group (VBUG) in the UK, followed by (believe it or not) Denmark and on the 4th place Germany. Considering the size of the country, danish INETA Community really rocks!

Fonte: [INETA] Current Statistics for INETA Europe - May 2006

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