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Un'altra chicca dal Forum... Web Load Test FAQs

Da quando riesco ad accedere "umanamente" ai Forum MSDN me li sto spulciando per bene...

E ho trovato questa splendida "Web Load Test FAQs".

Molto ma molto interessante... All'interno ci sono chicche come questa:

Q: How can I clean up or change the load test results repository?

A: By default, load test results are written into an instance of SQL Express. SQL Express is limited to using a maximum size of 4 GB of disk space.


If you want to delete old load test runs in the database, read the blog post Deleting Old Load Test Results. If you need a larger database, you should consider configuring the Load Test Results Store to use an instance of the full Microsoft SQL server product. Detailed information on this can be found in Using Results Stores.


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