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Nessuno li ha portati via...

In molti si chiedono perchè cosi tante persone a New Orleans non hanno evacuato la città...

Ecco un post di Julie Lerman che esprime un qualcosa che forse noi viviamo in maniera troppo distante, solo attraverso il sensazionalismo dei media...

Evacuate with what?

La parte più sconvolgente è questa:

 In 2003, New Orleans city had 181,000 occupied housing units - 92,000 (51 percent) owner occupied and 89,000 (49 percent) renter occupied. Seven percent of the households did not have telephone service and 21 percent of the households did not have access to a car, truck, or van for private use. Twenty-six percent had two vehicles and another 6 percent had three or more.

21% of 181,000 is about 38,000.

38,000 households represents a lot of people who have no access to a vehicle.

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# re: Nessuno li ha portati via...

E' una MVP del Vermont che ho conosciuto personalmente al TechEd US 😊
03/09/2005 15:17 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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