Am I Happy about Hugo?

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When I decided to revive this blog and create a new personal homepage, I chose Hugo to run both projects, and Azure Static Websites to host them.

After some work and some days of real use, I decided to talk about the experience.

With Hugo and Azure Static Websites, I don't need a database, and I don't need to patch the blog engine. Everything is static.

Hugo is excellent for the personal homepage

Creating was incredibly easy, fast, and straightforward, also for people who dislike frontend development.
I found a great template for a single page site, then I poked with it a little bit; after that, I added some content, images, tweaked some HTML, and the result was much better than my expectations.

Hugo is good for the blog

I'm not a MarkDown person, so writing blog posts using it requires some work. I'm using a regular editor with spell-checking and other features, and then I'm copying the MD text in VS Code.
I've not automated the creation of the static site yet. At the moment, I'm using a batch file to compile everything and Azure Storage Explorer to copy the results on the Blob Storage. Still, I've already planned to implement a GitHub Action to automate everything.

Hugo takes A LOT of time to prepare my blog

With more than 4000 posts, including all the old ones, it takes a lot of time to compile them. Probably when I implement the GitHub Action, everything will be smooth and streamlined, but at the moment, it's not a short task.

So, Am I Happy about Hugo? At the end Yes, I am happy about it, but probably I'm asking too much for it now.