is back!

Share on: has gone through many different evolutions over time. Now it's back to its old glory.

I've imported all the posts from my blog on UgiDotNet, and I've imported the posts I've published on Dexter Blog Engine 10 years ago. Both blogs were imported without comments. I converted the emoticons, and linked the original images. You can find a dump of the original blogs in the top menu (UgiDotNet with comments, Dexter without comments, they were based on Disqus and I don't have time to import them).

Future Content

I'll use this blog to post about technology, cloud, communities, and so on. You can go to PublicSpeaking.DEV if you want to see my rumblings about Public Speaking.

In the top menu you can also see the links to my books, and to my personal homepage.

Please let me know if you find something that's not working.