Take Time to Celebrate!

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Note to Self

Take time to celebrate every victory, every time you get right back up, every time something goes in the right direction (even without your intervention).
The celebration can be quick, like buying something, spending MORE QUALITY time with your loved ones, or something bigger, like a (short in some cases) vacation.

Work-Life Balance isn't enough

You can have a balanced life that you don't enjoy. Work-Life Balance is useful only if you have a good life.
A good way to understand if it's true is by looking at how you wake-up in the morning.
Another way is by hearing your internal dialog when something happens.

Celebration can be an excellent way to improve your life in small steps.

Two years ago, I spent a lot of time doing sessions around Europe and Italy, from Vilnius to Lisbon, from Stockholm to Berlin, etc.
At some point, I visited two different cities in a row, and I was exhausted.
Looking at that period, I understood that I didn't celebrate every victory of the time, every compliment that I received, every piece of feedback.
Without celebration, I stopped seeing the meaning of waking up early in the morning, taking a plane from MXP to Zurich, delivering the session, and coming back after few hours.

Without a proper celebration, all your results become irrelevant in a short time. Before running to the next ones, celebrate your big or small results!