Death by PowerPoint? Not with my Presentations!

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Have you ever heard the phrase "Death by PowerPoint"? Did it happen to your attendees or students? Stop blaming PowerPoint. It's just a tool! Start blaming yourself, your lack of preparation, lack of a good dry-run, lack of a good story!

Often, people come to me after my sessions (even after the virtual ones, yes, you can spread enthusiasm also during a virtual session!) and tell me that they liked what they saw. Still, they liked, even more, the energy and the stories that I said to convey my points. I was using PowerPoint, and I didn't kill them. In some cases, I resurrected them from previous dull performances.

Do you want to improve as a Public Speaker? You can start here:

Please stop killing your audiences, improve your stories, improve your presentations, improve your career!

Photo by Austrian National Library on Unsplash - B&W Picture of students in a classroom.